B2B Appointment Setting

We'll generate more appointments for your sales team to close.

Benefits of our Appointment Setting approach

Lower Overhead Costs

Phone systems, CRMs, office space, and computers are included.

Eliminate Fixed Payroll

You only pay for our services and don't need to pay for superannuation and benefits to employees.

Seasonal Scalability

We can scale up and down as needed based on seasonal lead volume.

Increase Coverage

We can increase coverage to out of your usual office hours and across team members.

Why use Alkhemy?

We've scaled teams from as little as one part time staff member to as many as 30 for small businesses to large TAFEs.

Proven Track Record

We've been in business since 2007 helping businesses such as Box Hill Institute and RMIT Online.


We provide an analytics dashboard offering full transparency down to a specific call interaction.

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