Bring out
the best of
both worlds

Optimise and align marketing investments with sales performance.

Marketing to Revenue Attribution

Be confident you’re spending your marketing budget where it counts. Alkhemy evaluates and accurately attributes your offline revenue generation back to each of your marketing campaigns and investments. Combine our real-time insights with one-on-one consulting support, and grow.

Sales Performance Management

On-the-money marketing is only part of the solution. Conversion is key. Alkhemy monitors and measures your team's sales capability and performance, identifies skills gaps and strengths, and guides your sales staff to peak performance – resulting in improved sales and long-term business growth.

Powerful Revenue Planning.
Invest with confidence!

If you ever wished you could see into the future and understand the likely Return On Investment (ROI) of the marketing campaign you're about to rollout,  the Alkhemy Revenue Planner (ARP) can provide you with the answers and confidence you need. ARP will change the way you invest in marketing forever. 

With Alkhemy's powerful Revenue Planner, marketing instantly stops being a risky cost to the business and becomes a powerful and deliberate investment in growth you can count on.

The Alkhemy Platform

The Alkhemy Platform instantly aligns sales and marketing data across your core business systems and marketing channels. Simple to set up and understand, Alkhemy’s online platform is far more than standard BI and will help drive decisions that lead to immediate increases in sales.


Technology alone doesn’t grow a business, the people that drive it do

Alkhemy's team of sales, marketing and technology Growth Consultants can help you identify what’s working and what’s not, and unlock the true potential of your sales and marketing investments.

In fact Alkhemy Guarantees that you'll sell more! In the unlikely event that you don't, Alkhemy will invest, at it's own expense in additional support until you do!*

Success Stories

Our clients share their experiences with Alkhemy

Domenic Varese

Vic Marketing Manager Metricon

"Alkhemy partnered with us to help analyse and review key business challenges across sales & marketing. Their expertise, knowledge and recommendations have led us to create a new way of working to maximise sales success".

Jason Tonelli

CEO Performics

"Our partnership with Alkhemy is an exciting one. We're now able to provide our clients with unique solutions that take our service beyond lead generation to now being able to add and measure considerable value to their bottom line business outcomes.  It's a game changer!"

Pat Darcy

CEO Cadreon

"Working with Alkhemy allows us to take our optimisation efforts to the next level - no longer relying on leads as a core metric, we can actually focus on driving bottomline business results."

Todd Perkinson

COO Impos

"Alkhemy has been a game changer for our company, instantly giving us a clear view and control over our marketing and revenue (growth) planning and the support to optimise our sales teams performance. The best investment in marketing and sales we've made"

Steven Hore

MD Australian Fitness Academy

"We’ve used Alkhemy for many years and they have a clear understanding of our needs and how to reach our targeted clients.  Our business has grown significantly and we are extremely satisfied with the results Alkhemy has delivered."


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The Sales Growth Checklist | 8 things high performance SMEs have in common that sets them apart. What are you missing?

Want to know what sets fast growth SME's apart when it comes to building sales functions that deliver exceptional grwoth? Download this ebook and checklist to see how your business compares.

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8 Tips to increase your return on marketing spend in 2020 and what you can do to correct costly mistakes.

It's time to stop measurig ROI in leads, clicks and impressions and time to start measuring ROI by counting the dollars. Discover 8 processes, tools and actions your business can impliments in the next 90 days that will deliver more sales from your existing and future marketing investments.

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Marketing Agency Churn | 6 Ways to stop churning clients (and why they are leaving you now!)

Growing a marketing agency can be hard. Keeping clients is all about making sure you deliver on your promise and growing their business. Here's 6 ways to stop churning and to keep growing.

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