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Discover the true ROI of your digital & offline marketing through to sale - plus, understand and improve sales team results in relation to your marketing - all in one easy to use interface.
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Why Alkhemy?

Alkhemy increases your revenue by aligning your offline and online marketing campaigns into sales results. Seamlessly weave disparate data from marketing, sales conversations, and CRM tools into a unified platform and framework for unrivalled decision making. You're welcome.
There are so many ways to use Alkhemy

6 Reasons to use Alkhemy

Realise the true value of your sales and marketing efforts. Remove the barriers between your sales and marketing departments, unifying them behind your company objectives.
Don't just identify your top salesperson, replicate them. Identify the leaders, the stragglers, and the behaviours that separate them. Empower your hiring, firing and training decisions with a full suite of sales optimisation tech including scoreboarding, in-call KPIs, Call Quality monitoring, training videos and revenue-per-agent.
Focus your investment where it's most impactful. Remove the guesswork: control costs, validate efficiency and empower investments in growth. Whatever your objectives, ALKHEMY puts the power in your hands to make informed decisions sooner.
Turn data into dollars. With turn-key integrations to other major CRM and Marketing tools, ALKHEMY siphons, filters, and zeros-in on the pockets in your sales pipeline that power your growth. Consolidate your data in a single, light-weight locale and make better decisions starting now.
Tear down the wall between your lead generation efforts and the final sales conversion that colours client perceptions. With an unfettered view of cost-per-sale, course-correct your campaigns in real time. Transform your focus from low-cost leads to high revenue outcomes, and watch client retention and satisfaction soar.
Get the answers you need and remove the inter-departmental guesswork. Centralise your existing software and departmental data in one place; empower your leadership with real time transparency, accountability and control they need to drive your company forward. Track your sales pipeline from click to close to identify which lead sources, products and agents are performing to their true potential.
Get radical transparency into the metrics that power performance. Measure each stage of the sales cycle, and the incremental KPIs that motivate conversion. ALKHEMY partitions views for agents, team leaders, and CEO's, to give each the access they need to improve their own performance, and the performance of their team. Measure, manage, and incentivise all in one place.
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Access the platform and services providing true ROI optimisation across finance, education, travel and automotive businesses. Fresh from 5 years in stealth development mode, ALKHEMY is stepping out of the shadow to revolutionise your business's growth trajectory with its game-changing Sales & Marketing Alignment technology.
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How we helped our clients

Case Studies

ALKHEMY is used by marketing agencies optimising their clients accounts; internal sales teams to improve their KPIs and revenue; and internal marketing teams to optimise to revenue outcomes.

With sales and marketing in a single interface, ALKHEMY allows CEO's, COO's, Managers and Team Leaders to make informed decisions about which parts of the sales funnel require attention. The below examples show where investment, monitoring, hiring and firing decisions were enabled across both the marketing and sales functions.

Optimising Agencies to Revenue
Upon reviewing end to end sales performance data matched in real-time with marketing investments on behalf of their client, our partner agency realised that they had been optimising to the wrong metric. Immediate adjustment in their optimisation strategy allowed them to switch focus and optimise towards the campaign which was driving an 80% lower cost-per-sale - a metric previously unavailable prior to Alkhemy introduction
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Internal Marketing Optimisation
Powered a 13.51 ROI and 734% increase in lead volume. When a global education service provider entered Australia, they leveraged ALKHEMY to fuel their growth. ALKHEMY allowed them to set a cost-per-sale cap as a yardstick up-to-which they could aggressively expand. All this within 9 months of launch.
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Call Centre KPI Compliance
Enabled a not-for-profit peek body to externally manage an 80,000 phone call, 25-person contact centre whilst ensuring KPI compliance. Unable to deliver the service internally, ALKHEMY provided the transparency to monitor and administer quality improvements and ensure SLAs were met.
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Data Project Analysing TV Spend
Answered the question: are TV Ads an efficient enrolment channel? When a tier one University needed to know whether their television expenditure drove positive revenue outcomes they turned to ALKHEMY. By importing their historic data from AdWords, Bing, TV, & Radio, ALKHEMY was able to attribute enrolment performance vs TV spend.
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Some of the technologies we integrate with.

Google AdWords
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John MayersSan Francisco, CA
Microsoft Dynamics
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John MayersSan Francisco, CA
John MayersSan Francisco, CA
Sugar CRM
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