Optimise the performance of your sales team

Smart marketing matters, but if your inside sales or phone-based sales team isn’t converting your spend into appointments or sales, you’re blowing your budget.


The visibility you're looking for

  • Review individual call quality in one centralised portal
  • Align call quality to each lead source
  • Compare performance across all teams
  • Understand the link between call quality and conversion
  • Improve sales performance through built-in coaching and training  

SALES Consulting

Alkhemy’s SPM Platform and Growth Consultants will support you to identify challenges, implement coaching and training, improve your sales team’s techniques and conversion rates, and deliver ongoing success.

Get Clarity - Audit
Is your telesales team set up for success? We’ll help you identify opportunities and resolve key challenges with a simple and powerful audit.
Create the foundation
Alkhemy’s experts have developed a range of processes, standards and manuals that provide a functional foundation to help your business thrive.
Review calls and gain insights
We remotely monitor agent performance, review calls and provide training and coaching opportunities that deliver optimised sales outcomes.
Customised coaching and training
Our experienced sales trainers and coaches will pinpoint what your team needs to improve performance, and ensure sales opportunities are maximised.
Get clear about conversions
Is lead quality, sales capability, price, product or process hindering conversion? Are your leads dead or can they be resuscitated? Alkhemy has the answers.
Structured success
Managing telesales can be complex. From remuneration to technology, we’ll guide you through best practice and create bespoke recommendations to help you build, manage and optimise a successful team.

needs analysis

No two sales teams are the same

We’ll get crystal clear on your current position, capabilities and goals to determine the strategy that will deliver the best outcomes for you.


Simple set up

Implementing new technology can be daunting, but with Alkhemy, it’s not! We’ll do the work so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of a fully streamlined, transparent and effective system.

Alkhemy ensures your team develops the skills they need to sell, and gives you the the tools needed to deliver growth!

A 360-degree view of performance

Identify how your whole team is performing, from managers and team leaders to sales agents, on one centralised platform. Link QA to actual sales, compare against the KPIs that count, and make informed decisions around training, coaching and development.

Centralised feedback in real time

The Alkhemy SPM Platform provides immediate feedback, prompts additional video learning and annotate within the audio of each call. Reviews are shared in the agent’s own Alkhemy dashboard, delivering real-time support and driving immediate improvement.


Bring marketing and sales together

Aligning sales performance to business outcomes is a great start, but integrating Alkhemy SPM with Alkhemy MPM will give you the complete picture and help take your business success to the next level. Contact us or learn more about our Marketing Performance Management offering.

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