Confidently manage the performance of your marketing

Real time marketing to revenue attribution and ROI of each online and offline campaign, enabling faster and smarter marketing decisions that grow sales.


The visibility you're looking for

  • Align marketing lead source to sales outcomes and revenues
  • Track all leads, including web, phone, email and chat
  • Effectively measure true ROI on marketing spend
  • Align marketing lead source to sales outcomes and monitor  and optimise sales capability and lead quality 
  • Get clear about the marketing that delivers sales and drives your businesses growth.  

MARKETING Consulting

Alkhemy Growth Consultants identify opportunities, provide strategies
and make recommendations to increase your sales and ROI.

Plan for success
Leveraging data from the Alkhemy Platform, our Growth Consultants can help you plan media and marketing investments that will boost your bottom line.
Make digital media matter
Alkhemy's experts offer support, guidance and a fresh perspective on your digital media activity.
Not all leads are equal
We’ll help you understand lead quality by marketing channel, and create bespoke strategies that drive sales.
A marketing team at your fingertips
Alkhemy’s marketing experts can help you manage teams, oversee agency relationships and make smarter marketing decisions.
Align with your agency
Whether you want to better connect with your current agency, review your current situation or find new partners, Alkhemy can help you build and maintain agency relationships that drive revenue generation and business growth.
Marketing performance research
Where lead quality and volume are present and the sales function is running optimally, yet sales are not flowing, Alkhemy research can help identify what’s not working and fuel strategic direction that will drive new growth.

Drive previously unimaginable growth with marketing to revenue attribution and the Alkhemy Revenue Planing (ARP) tool.

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Solutions that work for you

First we build a deep understanding of your requirements and align them to services that will deliver the best results.


Quick, simple set up

We’ll launch your platform within two weeks, or set up is free.*  Leverage the integrations with Google Adwords, DoubleClick (Campaign Manager), Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Zoho and many more.

Instant alignment

View all the leads you're generating – including forms, downloads, phone calls, chats, emails and even expo-stand visits – and align them to real-time offline sales outcomes. The Alkhemy ageing report also allows you to trace every offline sale to its original marketing investment, regardless of the time it takes to close the deal.

Leverage your lead types

Is a phone call more likely to lead to a sale than an email? Is live chat worth more to your bottom line? Discover the true value of different inbound lead types and learn how to generate more of the ones that work.

Link campaigns to outcomes

With complete transparency across all marketing activity, you can optimise your campaigns to real business outcomes and reallocate budgets knowing that sales are just around the corner.


Bring marketing and sales together

The secret to maximising your potential ROI is simpler than you think. Drive unimaginable growth by aligning your marketing and sales teams. Contact us or learn more about our Sales Performance Management offering.

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Imagine having absolute clarity about the steps you needed to take to increase marketing ROI and sales growth each and every day!

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It's time to stop measurig ROI in leads, clicks and impressions and time to start measuring ROI by counting the dollars. Discover 8 processes, tools and actions your business can impliments in the next 90 days that will deliver more sales from your existing and future marketing investments.

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Marketing Agency Churn | 6 Ways to stop churning clients (and why they are leaving you now!)

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