MPM case study

From little things big things grow

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Australian Fitness Academy

AFA (Australian Fitness Academy) are a Melbourne based RTO specialising in the education of Fitness professionals through face-to-face and online training.

Monthly spend

First year leads


The team faced many challenges: - Technical skills lacking to execute campaigns across multiple marketing platforms - Driving and growing enrolments at scale
- Website built on old technology that was difficult to manage and impossible to optimise
- The Sales Agent was struggling to convert leads to enrolments - They were unclear on how to improve activity to hit their internal targets. Burnt repeatedly in the past by unfulfilled marketing agency promises, and unsure of the effectiveness of paid social and search, AFA were unhappy. They were relying on third party lead generators for a significant percentage of their leads and enrolments and had no clarity on how it was really performing.


The Alkhemy team assessed AFA’s activity against their marketing and sales goals and made a number of recommendations that could improve the effectiveness of their activity. They supported the team in the implementation of the following: - New website, optimised for SEO and lead gen
- Launching Alkhemy Revenue Attribution and Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Platform
- Optimising all marketing investments through to revenue /sales and ROI instead of at cost per lead
- Refinement of their Paid Search, SEO and Social strategy.

Leads by Campaign

January 14,


Organic growth of 25% through the implementation of the new website, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) testing and content strategy development. Leads uplifted by 56% with an average of 27% improvement on conversion rates. Reduction in wasted marketing & sales investment through clarity of revenue attribution Cost of sales now 95% lower than previously achieved Effective partnerships - Using ALKHEMY to track performance, AFA trialed multiple Digital Performance Agencies ALKHEMY to ensure they partnered with the most effective partner. (Screenshot)


Increase in enrolments

5 x

Increase in revenue


Lower cost of sales than previously achieved