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No more smoke & mirrors

It's time to stop measurig ROI in leads, clicks and impressions and time to start measuring ROI by counting the dollars. Discover 8 processes, tools and actions your business can impliments in the next 90 days that will deliver more sales from your existing and future marketing investments.


Impos is a leading Australian PoS SaaS system located in Melbourne, operating nationally with over 40 staff. Their marketing is largely delivered online, with a team of phone based and face to face sales agents that prospect and close their deals.

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After years of growth, Impos identified a need to restructure and reposition their sales and marketing activities to ensure that the business scaled more rapidly in what’s a highly competitive market. Impos found itself with marketing investments, assets, systems, BI reporting tools and processes that were disparate, leaving them unable to identify which of their marketing investments were driving sales and which weren’t. With three new agencies engaged to manage Paid Search, Social, SEO and Brand, Impos wanted to ensure all future investments were measured right through to revenue and sale and avoid the usual smoke and mirrors with regard to marketing reporting. They knew that having this level if clarity would give them the transparency, accountability and control they needed to continue to grow. Their sales team were prospecting and closing sales without a structured process in place. With limited reporting and an inability to clearly identify how to optimise and manage their leads they were struggling to improve conversion rates.


Alkhemy MPM.
Impos opted for the base Alkhemy Marketing Performance Management (MPM) package, which included integration of all marketing platforms, investment data and CRM. Alkhemy tracks all marketing driven leads including calls, live chats, emails, downloads, and blogs, across paid media and social platforms, as well as offline activity and maps them against revenue from their instance of Microsoft Dynamics. Growth Consulting In addition to the MPM platform, Impos receive a monthly summary of growth recommendations designed specifically to boost sales for the coming month which includes The optimal marketing investment strategy across all campaigns required in order to hit the months sales target. Key strategic campaign insights to optimise performance of the investments
End to end marketing to revenue summary This provides Impos with the support and direction the internal marketing team and their agencies need in order to significantly grow their sales week on week.

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January 14,


For the first time in the history of the business, they can see, in real time, the effectiveness of their marketing investments measured in revenue and ROI and are now in control of their growth trajectory. Using Alkhemy Impos can accurately identify:
Real time marketing investment data
Volume and Cost Per Lead (CPL) (including Calls,Emails, Leadforms, Chat, Agent) Conversion Rate to Sales by Channel, Campaign, Product and Region (CR), Cost Per Sale (CPS) and days to sale by; Channel Campaign Product
Lead type and more… The Alkhemy platform uses the live performance data and identifies the investment, strategy and conversion rate changes required to exceed their targets month-on-month. Transparency, Accountability and Control have now been achieved. In partnership with Impos, Alkhemy helped provide clarity amongst the chaos so they can now scale their business significantly.


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